Call to Action

I value the teachers, the parent involvement and the strong academics in a Christian atmosphere.  Allison Wetzel, 2007 & 2011 Alumni Parent.

High quality education with challenging curriculum and outstanding teachers.   Strong Christian element in every area of the school.   CCA avoids the indoctrination of social issues and worldly perspectives that you have in other schools.  Jeff Lowe, 2011 Alumni Parent and Current Parent.

Basic Christian education combined with the “technology” of today to produce well rounded and well-adjusted scholars/athletes to enter the Public School arena and life in America.  The teachers make the difference because they can really teach.  Tom Spooner, 2011 Alumni Grandparent.

They are taught about God in every subject.  They are taught respect for teachers and each other. The school encourages parental involvement and the curriculum challenges them.  The teachers are wonderful and Christians themselves, so the children are influenced daily by people who live out their faith in the classroom.  Andrea Briggs, 2013 Alumni Parent and Current Parent.

Students receive a quality Christian education.  Safe environment and small teacher to student ratio.  Patriotism and manners are stressed.  CCA graduates have proven to successfully transition to high school and consistently maintain a high GPA.  The Word of God is being planted in the hearts and minds of our children.  Parental and family involvement is encouraged.  Glenda Weter, Current Grandparent.

Consistent and structured education focused on faith.  Daniel Dody, Current Parent.

This school teaches character building & patriotism, as well as Biblical lessons.  They use every opportunity as a chance to learn & grow.  Very high standards are held & academics are excellent.  Teachers have small classes & choose to be there.  This is exemplified in their relationships with the students & their families as well as their peers.  It is top notch – & I am not easily impressed!  Christa Fisher, Former Parent.

The teachers are really good and they take the time to help if your child has a problem.  They are easy to talk to about problems or concerns and they really make a difference in the children’s lives.  Casey Higgins, Current Parent.

It is a great school teaching core Christian values.  Paul Howerton, Current Parent.

Excellent teachers who educate our children in a Christian environment.  My child loves CCA.  Small class sizes and most importantly classes are not combined.  Susan Kemper, Current Parent.

Great teachers and staff.  They are doing wonderful things at CCA.  My children are receiving an excellent Christian based education.  I am blessed to be able to have my children at CCA.  Ryan Mendenhall, Current Parent.

Staff and teachers require a lot out of students and I think they have better students because of the requirements they put on the students.  Clyde Briggs, Current Grandparent.

Christ centered, loving & concerned staff, challenges students scholastically & in personal growth toward responsibility & confidence, proven superiority in scholastic outcome, etc., etc.  Jan Reid, 2011 & 2014 Alumni Grandparent.

I want my son to have the best education possible and the school came highly recommended.   He continues to excel in his grades, over all skills and with interaction and behavior.  Christopher Cross, Former Parent.