Students receive a challenging academic education that is balanced and enriched by:

• Phonics-based Language Arts.
• Math, Science, & Social Studies.
• Special subject area teachers in Art, Music, Physical Education, Band, Spanish and Computer.
• CCA’s low student-teacher ratio, safe, nurturing, and loving Christian environment.

Families and students benefit from CCA’s school uniform clothing policy. Nationally cited advantages include better student behavior, less peer pressure, and improved emphasis on academics.

CCA’s curriculum is non-denominational. Lessons are Bible-centered; ceremonial or doctrinal beliefs of specific religions are not taught.


Pre-school and Kindergarten are significant milestones in your child’s life. They are the beginning of formal education and social participation.

• Our K-4 class plays and has fun, while learning about God, phonics, reading, writing, and arithmetic.
• The goal of the instructional program in the pre-k & elementary classes is to build an educational foundation that encourages a love for God, love for learning, love for country, and a desire to serve others.
• Children participate in developmentally appropriate activities throughout their elementary years.
• Our elementary program is based on the ABeka curriculum which teaches and develops a solid academic foundation and a God-centered Biblical worldview.


Our grades 7 through 12 provide a safe, loving, nurturing, and Christian environment for students during this important transition time between a child’s formative years and the early stages of adolescence. The curriculum continues to be challenging, developing critical thinking skills, Christlikeness, and laying the foundations needed to be able to excel at all academic levels. Students will change classrooms and have teachers who specialize in science, math, English, history, computers, art, PE, band, and Spanish. CCA’s focuses on assisting parents in the development of children who grow to be individuals capable of making positive Christ-like choices with a Biblical worldview.