Educational Success Consultation

Set Up an appointment to have a one on one consultation with our Principal Mr. Clark Ballard.

Call the office at 660-890-2111 for your appointment.


We make our free Educational Success Consultations available to any family, enrolling here or not, because our ministry as educators doesn’t stop at the walls of our school.

Whether it’s simply for help with study habits or career advice based on our experience with many kids, set your appointment today. As you know, making good educational choices is one of the most important roles we have as parents.

Administrator - Clark Ballard

My undergraduate degree is from the University of Alabama in 1985 with a B.S. in Music Education. My graduate degree is from The Citadel in 1991 with a M. Ed. In Secondary Administration. I started teaching in 1985 as a band director and taught for 7 1/2 years in the public education system and then moved to administration in Christian Schools. I love working with children and watching the Lord catch fire in their lives. It is a blessing to observe them truly understanding what it means to begin and then develop their personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. I married an incredible woman Jill Morton Ballard in September 1993. We have 2 great children, Evan (born in 1998) and Emily (born in 1999). I enjoy spending time with my family, working in the yard, and visiting other family members that are out of state.


Call the office at 660-890-2111 for your appointment.