Before/After School Workers


Janet Young

Janet young with was born around Cole Missouri went to kindergarten at Cole and then we moved and I went to star school one Room country schools Then a multitude of other school we had prayer every morning in our one Room schools we also had some Bible verses but the best thing I liked about being in a 1 Room school is it was a small school maybe 15- 20 kids in the whole school and 1 teacher.

Barrow, Victoria

Victoria Barrow

This is my first year at CCA. I used to be a student here and graduated 8th grade in 2013, before there was high school. I went to high school at Clinton High School, played basketball and ran track. I'm currently in college studying to get a degree in Early Childhood Education and a minor in Special Education. I'm passionate about working with these students and creating disciples for Christ. I'm so excited to be back at CCA and look forward to graduating soon to be a full-time teacher. I'm looking forward to being an assistant basketball coach this winter. Have a good year and GO PATRIOTS!