Student Council

CCA's Student Council provides the opportunity for our students to elect representatives to represent their viewpoint and interests in a variety of ways. The council has organized several social events such as the dodgeball tournament and talent show. They have also given the students a voice when it comes to themed spirit days and sports tournaments. The council has been instrumental in allowing the students the opportunity to lead by giving them the responsibility of choosing student activities as well as being responsible for organizing and carrying them out.

Intermediate Student Council

More information coming soon!

High School Student Council (STUCO)

Members: Kylie Bateman, Audrey Higgins, Kade Manning, Pricilla Lanning, Marlee Cronhardt, Amya Carrera, Taylor Bateman, Kennedy Vaughn, Clara Hyke and Colten Manning.

Sponsors:  Kara Manning and Kristy Bateman