Parent Organization

What Is The P.O.?

The Clinton Christian Academy Parents’ Organization (“P.O.”) exists to provide a forum for parents and guardians of present students of CCA to support the administration, faculty, students, and mission of Clinton Christian Academy, and specifically:

• To foster and maintain a united community among Clinton Christian Academy Parents, and provide opportunities for CCA Parents to interact and provide service to the school and community.
• To plan, support, and participate in major events of the Parents’ Organization and school, and encourage CCA Parents to volunteer for and attend those events.

What Are Parent Reps?

Parent Representatives are a liaison between the P.O., their student’s teacher, and the parents of their class. The parent representative may offer assistance to the teacher in a variety of ways including being a communicator to a class’s parents and may coordinate events on behalf of the P.O. for the school. The parent representatives attempt to attend all P.O. meetings and represent his/her child’s class at the meetings.All parents are encouraged to participate in every opportunity on behalf of their student and benefit from the rewards of being involved in their child’s education at CCA.

2021-2022 Parent Reps

K4: Kala Simons and Emily Howerton

K5: Stephanie Compton

1st: Andi Schmidt

2nd: Andrea Briggs

3rd: Meg Beebe

4th: Rosalyn Wisniewski

5th: Miranda Curnutte

6th: Kari Van Natta and miranda Carmichael

7th and 8th: Amber Hansen

9th-12th: Kara Manning and Kristy Bateman

K4-8th will get a Christmas, Valentines' and Easter party. 9th-12 will get a Christmas and Easter party, but not Valentines'.